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lmao @ the capsule- WHO COULD IT POSSIBLY BE :OOO

Guuuuueeeessss what just came in the mail! \o/

If I don't start scanning tonight (I just had to get my laptop reformatted AGAIN, like the 3rd time this month, so I'm still setting it back up =_=) I'll start tomorrow, since I don't have class tomorrow. I'll do FT first, then GotD.

For now- this month's illustrations!

Spoiler for Illustration dump! Beware, large files.:

o Katherine, wry so cloney.

This month's GotD features Howard having a flashback to when he met young Treize (who is almost adorable, btw). The chapter seems to be rather short, though, and features mostly conversation about Tallgeese (the part when Zechs first goes to see it, etc) with Trowa's attack on the base just about to start when the chapter ends.
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