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Kiniro Mosaic brainwashed fanboi + 1...

Welcome. We are borg!

In all seriousness, though, would be interested in your overall impressions and evaluation.... What would you grade the series? What did you like and / or dislike?
I'll start off by saying that I watched this show on a whim. lol

I watched a fan-made video that had showed off a lot of Karen scenes and immediately felt compelled to start the series. It also helps that it's a Slice of Life comedy. I was always a sucker for characters speaking in languages foreign to their own, so I was surprised of the amount of "Engrish" that was being spoken in the first episode. I mean c'mon, who doesn't like their favorite voice actors speak your own language? It's great.

I thought that the characters were pretty likeable. Our two main mains Shino and Alice served as great opposites (Shino luvin them white ppl and Alice with Japan ppls). Ayaya and Yoko were great, too; Aya's tsun tsun tendencies were kinda endearing, and I absolutely loved Yoko's reaction to everything. I get a good laugh when her voices changes while reacting to something ridiculous (I'll never forget when she reacted to Karen kissing Shino in the cheek and reacting to Karen in her chuunibyou swag). Speaking of Karen, who was my motivation to watch this to begin with, she was everything I had thought she'd be plus some more. I just love her to bits from her jacket, her broken Japanese, her humor...the list goes on. There's just something with half-Japanese half-x characters that I just love. Her voice actor did an excellent job, and the same goes with the rest of the cast.

Overall, I was expecting cute girls doing cute things in a cute manner, and I got just that. I felt that some of the humor fell flat, but that's normal for these kinds of shows. If I were to rate this using Dango units, I would give it a green and red Dango.
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