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Originally Posted by Kiavik View Post
So from what I can gather, they explain what basquash means in episode 5. However I dont think I really grasped it.
Spoiler for Basquash Episode 5:

Aohige, if you saw the episode can you clarify that a little?
No, not exactly....

Dan was making a pun with "Baka" and "sukashiteru".
sukasu, sukashiteru is someone who's not acting as he/she intends, or hiding their intention. He uses the phrase against the The Toast... I mean The Worst leader, then in a flash of brilliance while chanting "baka" and "suka", starts saying "bakasuka". "bakasuka" is a word that means many, tons, or barrage of.
Basically Dan is jumping from word to word, punning his way, until he screams "Basquash" when he does the final squash serve-like attack, Basquash.

It's a Japanese pun, don't feel too bad if you don't get it.
I feel sorry for whoever has to sub this.

Dan doesn't speak with logic, he just utters whatever he feels like at the time.
Dan's intention of naming the sport, and the anime staff's intention of naming the title and the sport is not the same.
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