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Originally Posted by Jean Claymore View Post
Hey, something beats me... if in the original world line they could save Kurisu by Okabe letting Daru know about her death with its D-mail, can't they possibly create other logical D-Mails to save Mayuri to move on to other worldlines which is not either alpha or beta they're in? I know Mayuri's death was certain, so she died in whatever circumstances Okabe D-mailed, but I feel strange that Kurisu was saved by that very first D-mail while they can't save Mayuri whatever Okabe does. I guess the most logical way is to find and send other coherent D-mails in order to save Mayuri and fight the SERNs back.

Btw, have Mister Braun and Moeka been saved by that D-mail or are they at the same situation as Mayuri? Man, I really should get this VN thing asap
Apparently Okarin's first D-mail changed the worldline from alpha to beta, but this was not due to the D-mail itself: it was because of the fact that SERN detected it. Suzuha mentioned that the most recent major worldline break point is 2010, when the microwave was first invented. The factor that seperates the alpha from the beta is whether or not SERN detects it. The content of Okarin's first D-mail is thus unimportant.

There's a few assumptions in there, but I think that's roughly what happened.
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