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I'm not that well ackquainted with mystery as a genre apart from a few classics, but to put in Umineko's terms, since the author went to all the trouble of making it solveable for you and put in hints and foreshadowings, it would be at least inconsiderate to them not even trying to tackle it.
To be honest, I would not consider myself as having intimate knowledge about the mystery genre since the mystery genre is a small portion of the bulk that I read. Most what I read have mystery elements to them anyway.

Indeed that Umineko was solvable so you should put effort into thinking although Battler/Will does a bulk of the work for the reader. Although it rubs me the wrong me the wrong way about how Will said it.

Of course, it's always the literary worth of an author's work that determines its value, but when labeling their work as mystery and go to all the trouble of making the detective point out many trivial-seeming details and explain a series of clues that led him to whichever conclusion, they ought to have presented those for the reader in advance so as to make the novel anything more than a pretentious pile of baloney.
Personally I do think that has less to do with integrity but with also re-reading experience. It makes the re-reading more entertaining when you can retrace the steps of the detective from the start. At least IMO about mystery.

That's pretty much it.
Indeed but when rereading the dramatic scene during the climax of the 4th game all of the question arcs where Beatrice ask in anguish her final question and touched the core of the mystery of Umineko(who is Beatrice?).

That it refers to explosives having a connection with Beatrice while making sense for Will's explanation but it does not feel right for that scene.
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