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1. Eh, I'll assume you've always had this problem 'cause I'm pretty certain EP1 isn't entirely solvable without Lambda's reds at the very end of Alliance
No, I'm not, because every other trick is something that Battler could solve with his extensive knowledge of mystery conventions; the Red shouldn't actually be necessary, but Beatrice muddles the issues with illsuions and attacking him emotionally.

But that would surely violate Knox's rules about clues presented.
Those don't apply in real life. To a character who actually knows Kanon, they have no way to tell the difference. The Detective has no way to distinguish between "Kanon" and "Shannon pretending to be Kanon", so "Kanon is Dead" is a meaningless statement no matter how you slice it; it's always reversible. Personality Death is meaningless.

Besides, in the end it doesn't realllyyy matter if game piece or meta battler couldn't solve it all that easily, because we could solve it (and some did) with the info provided. Also, the reason you can find the correct answer without the reds is that if you do have the correct answer, all mysteries fall into place with one trick (ie Shkannon). The red just helps cut down speculation.
I'm aware. My complaint isn't about how easy Shkannon was to solve; it was super obvious. My complaint is that Battler has no fair means of solving it on the Gameboard because he has a completely different relationship to the characters than any of us, and Beatrice is exploiting that to fuck with him for no reason in a way that ultimately keeps him from reaching the goal she wants him to reach. It's counter-intuitive to Beatrice's character and counter-productive to her motivations. Aside from this one thing, Beatrice never cheats like this. Battler could "understand her heart" and not realize that there was an exception to the rules of her playstyle.

How about saying Shannon, Kanon and Beatrice are a single entity in arc 1? You really don't like mysteries do you?
Oh go fuck yourself, Usagi, this isn't what I mean and you know it. And if you don't know it, then don't bother because you have no understanding of what my problem is.

Either way, your statement is offensive and insulting.

UsagiTenpura hates Eddie Murphy, therefore they hate black people. See the problem with those sorts of sweeping generalizations?

To sum up my viewpoint, Shkanontrice would work perfectly as a who- and howdunnit, were there no or less red text.
I'd actually agree with this. The whole problem, from my point of view, is that the Red Text does nothing with the Shkanontrice problem but make it harder to figure out for Battler, and it invalidates the Red for all other scenarios, problems, and puzzles by a ripple effect because of the consequences of semantic deception. If Shannon and Kanon can be dead by personality death and use the same word for it, then maybe Hideyoshi and Eva aren't dead either! Eva faked her death and became Evatrice! Hideyoshi is now Gonzaburo! Maria is Sakutarou!

However, if there is no one hiding in the six rooms, and these six are dead... then who is in Kanon's body? Does this mean that Beatrice can 'hide' in Kanon's body and avoid getting called out? Or is she Hiding in Plain Sight (with a +20 modifier at that)?

See that Magenta text, Xenon? That's Meta-World for "Objectively Awesome."


However one thing I am not sure about. Is why Beatrice seemed so torn up at the question of "who aaaam I". Will's answer was that she is the promised death god that pulls down the curtain on witch's games. The explosives have connection to Beatrice as it creates the cat box which could allow Beatrice to exist. However I am not really sure if that is it.
As an aside, are you sure this is it? I remember his answer being something more like "It doesn't matter who you are. Everyone dies, and your identity doesn't matter to the present world."
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