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Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
LOL, problem solved! And we had it next to us all the time!

"The Heart of Beatrice" is the Bomb!

I mean Beatrice said "I will expose my heart now", then the "ghost Beatrice" otherwise known as Bomb!Beatrice appeared... and that ghost, or at least what it represents, IS "The Heart".

It was so obivious that i never considered it... so maybe to "understand everything", we must research more about the bomb...
Maybe I'm just taking this the wrong way, but it kinda feels like you're making fun of what I said. If you disagree you can just say so.

Yeah, Beatrice's heart isn't the bomb itself, but it's one of the core elements of her motive. I mean, her crazy suicidal bet wouldn't be possible without the existence of the bomb, it's not like the bomb is yet another personality or anything. That ghost Beatrice is just the illusion that the witch side is allowed to display as an explanation of the presented result.

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