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This is what makes me doubt the most about Chieri becoming Takamina. Chieri could work her personality into a Takamina rather easily (the basis is there, as you said) but I just can't picture a tall Takamina. It would feel rather wrong somehow. lol

For me, if it's not Takamina, there's only one other option: Yuuko. Chieri admires Yuuko the most among the actual members I think, and I can see Yuuko kicking the bucket (or disappearing) after she becomes Center. Then the name would be up for the taking, and can't see anyone beside Chieri to take it.
Considering Yuuko's cheerful and energetic personality, I don't think Chieri would fit her at all. From current kenkyuusei I think Sonata would be the one most similar to Yuuko, but still not quite there.
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