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Considering Yuuko's cheerful and energetic personality, I don't think Chieri would fit her at all. From current kenkyuusei I think Sonata would be the one most similar to Yuuko, but still not quite there.
Personality isn't everything. Orine is nothing like Sashi, neither in looks or personality, but she still has a chance anyway.

Personality can be worked on, and looks can be changed. Going by episode 6, I'd say the key fanctor is how much they love and admire the person they want to succeed.

More importantly, Yuuko is too big a name to be taken by anyone but the two lead characters, Nagisa and Chieri, and since Nagisa seems fated to become Acchan... it's simple math.

But who knows, we're talking Kawamori, so anything is possible. Even Nagisa becoming Yuuko and Chieri Acchan isn't out of the question with Kawamori and Okada working on this.
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