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Originally Posted by Timsel View Post
"- By the way, Walter, you know that joke?- Irisdine spoke in a level tone, as if she hadn't noticed the enemy at all and was asking about the weather.
- Which one?
- Someone sends a question to the Berlin radio: are the BETA edible at all?
- ...And?
- They answer: of course not. Unless you're British.
Several muffled laughs could be heard in the comms. The dreadfulness of the rations distributed to the British army, stationed in the DDR under UN command, was legendary even among East German personnel, and Walter chuckled appreciatively:
- Yes, and there's so many of them here... we should export them to the islanders, they'd probably thank us.
- Right, - so first, let's turn those over there into paste."
Don't forget Artificial Haggis...

And that reminds me that I must return to edit Adoration as well, when I'm stuck half way with transcribing Rebirth...

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