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In the BBQ world, there is a product called "Meat Softener". Its a chemical that, as its name implies, soft overly fibrous meat.

And about Laser class meat.


-"HEEEY!! Letīs taste the newsuperultratasty breakfast cereal of the champions of the futureeeeeee!!! Made with the patented Suuuuuper laser energized meat! Turn into a BETA killer to fight for the future of MANKIIIIIIND! (Echoes and bass shaking sounds)

*an scene of the kid glowing and firing laser through the eyes while screaming and cutting a Fortress class in 2*

Take yours NOOOWW!!!

Or something of the sort, I see a lot of potential in that. So, you ll have a profitable reason to go after the BETAs, and all the corpses can be scouted to being reprocessed, packed and sold in convenience stores, or in the lack of them, your closest cafeteria or lounge. All this mixed with subliminal message to encourage the people to enlist with passion, even though is obligatory, but not necessarily willing.

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