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I'd imagine that powering a laser would be ridiculously hard with current human tech (or require too much G-elements to be worth it) to be effectively replicated at least for the time being. That said, give Alternative world 2 or 3 decades...

I also imagine that aside from purely defensive battles like Yokohama siege or Battle of Tokyo, there aren't that many BETA left for research, much less engineering purposes. Many of those killed have been heavily mangled, and BETA believe in recycling, so they probably collect the bodies of their dead. And majority of combat operations probably consist of "cleaning" operations of bombing the crap out of BETA frontline, and then hightailing your way back to the base like the EU tends to do over the English channel.

Although...TSF technology *did* get a kick forward after Americans got through with their first studies of what was left of Athabasca. So it is possible that certain materials or compounds derived from BETA are already being used.

Again, Humanity does have an enormous amount of data and ingenuity. All they need is time.
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