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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
This episode feels like a breeze to me. Ishiki's sacrifice was useless though it strengthen the brotherhood in exchange of love life but still in the end he got lucky with Kumin-senpai

Though the good part for me is the in front of the train, holding hands with Rikka. That felt great but this entire episode feels like a filler with foreshadowing of something to come from what the priestess said and she also ask help from Yuuta. Maybe the parents are coming to visit and.... well it looks like Rikka and her parents aren't in good terms.
I agree with your impression. The handholding scene was nice, although I didn't get if it was for a "greater purpose" other than "because she just wanted to do so" Ishiki looked quite goofy with the shaved head and I thought he resembled some other anime character, yet I have absolutely no clue who it could be >_<. It's one of the first shows where the girls of the class made some sort of fuss about those rankings. In most VNs and/or animes those inoffical rankings tend to be somewhat well known and "acknowleged" by both genders :P.
I'm not a huge bromance fan, so I won't comment on those points

Yuuta's reaction at the end felt quite exaggerated. The inital surprise when Rikka's nee-san suddenly appeared was normal, but the whole "shaking" afterwards felt needless and somewhat stupid even as a comedy element for me(!).
What else to comment on? It was a nice gesture from Yuuta to still put the t-shirt under his normal school uniform.
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