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Watching Nibutani rolling around the magic circle as Dekomori quoted a passage from Mabinogion's Rainbow Manuscript was so funny, I had to replay it again, and again, and again. Isshiki jumping over her as she passed by was like icing on the cake. At least for me, this was the funniest laugh-out-loud bit in the whole series.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
(I didn't expect him to treat Shinka the same than he does with Rikka and Sanae, definitely good to see a consistent character there).
Frankly, I was quite surprised at this, and it's good to see it's a consistent trait, though I still don't find these actions of his funny. Makes me wonder if he were to discover that Touka was also a sufferer, would he treat her the same way?

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This was a comedy episode, but included some important romantic development: Yuuta actually wearing the shirt; both his and Rikka's drawings seen by the class; the hand-holding scene by the railway tracks (he made no move to take his hand away).
I wonder if Yuuta wearing the shirt was was motivated by unacknowledged feelings towards Rikka, or if it was more of a case (like Nibutani) where the latent Chuunibyou demon takes over. As we have witnessed by actions from both Yuuta and Nibutani, neither are completely cured of the syndrome. Yuuta seems to have it more under control, and only occasionally reverts to type, whereas it doesn't take much prodding, mostly by Dekomori (and she's so very good at it), to set Nibutani off. How many people has she now threatened to put a curse on? Anyhow, it could be that he just couldn't resist putting it on, and for no other reason than he just couldn't resist putting it on.

The hand-holding scene was quite nice, and Yuuta does seem to be slowing re-adjusting his attitude toward Rikka. Perhaps he's beginning to realize that what shows on the surface of one's personality isn't nearly as important as what the "real" person is like. Case in point is Nibutani, who he was painfully crushing over until her "real self" was revealed. Whereas that beautiful, sweet, wonderful girl turns into a vicious lunatic when the facade drops, the lunatic girl is actually sweet and loving.
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