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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Better than 'breasts' I guess. *cough dxd*

But whoever is in charge of ecchi names needs to be hang and replaced...
It doesn't sound that bad. It makes perfect sense because it clearly means the Samurai Girls married me and became Samurai Brides! GyahahahahACK *mangatron is struck by an airborne hammer*
Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
five plus

Senhime vs Yukimura was only the main protracted battled, but Hanzo joined the fray for one episode, and then there was always Juubei banned by everyone from kissing him, as well as Gisen trolling everyone for those lips I don't remember though how things worked out with Kanetsugu and my personal favorite Matabei, my focus on the story was seriously compromised by their presence
That was the sad part for me, Naoe and Matabei didn't get a chance, the story didn't have room for them, so it's not that you don't remember what happened to them, they just didn't have a chance

But with a second season, new opportunities awaken! And.... hopefully more misunderstandings in the bath

And I post her pictures because I'm Naoe's biggest fan real husband! *runs*
what in the world is she wearing?
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What in GutsuGutsu's name...

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