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Well if you like it then there's no problem..

Btw, did you know that there are two Koyoi no Ennu~i's?

First is here

And second here somewhere

Translation for the first one is here

Well I tried to listen the first one again so maybe I will like it.....
But I was wrong.... I hate it even more now....
especially when I read this...

"This Corner is one in which I entertain your so-called words of wooing. If you believe that you'd like to become my Medium, then I'll have you send in your words to try and sway my heart. It seems as if there are so many people who would like to become my Medium, I'm troubled~! Although, to win the Alice Game, I'm sufficient on my own without having to need some stupid Medium~. But, well... if there is any human capable of being worthy of me, then I might consider it~. Although I'll warn you up front - if there are any lame jokes... you know what will happen, right?"

And this

[Rapping:] "Yo yo yo, that hot girl is Suigintou. She's an unexpected glutton. Today again she ate the last kurikinton. Okay, baby, check it out..."

and also this

"[Chuckle.] Well, from the start I didn't have any high expectations from the likes of you all~. After all, naturally, I'm sufficient on my own to defeat Shinku and the others. But, if you must insist that you want to become my Medium, keep sending in your letters~. Try as best you can~!"..

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