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Originally Posted by Guernsey View Post
What Japanese lengeds are included in Kannagi?
I don't think there are any *specific* legends... but much of the storyline uses Shinto motifs and such.
Cloning the trees is a very "japanese" solution to the river crossing problem.
Cutting down the tree is a horrible thing --- Nagi's tree was probably forgotten in the records long before Jin existed.
The connection of kami to the land is inherent... this idea of people/worshippers being important to their influence and power is kind of a modern interpretation. The traditional idea is that ignoring or disrespecting kami precedes bad things happening (disease, poor harvest, bad economy).
Impurities are fundamental to many ideas and customs in Shinto.

There are a number of excellent books on Shinto these days as studiers realize the need to write *something* down about it. Just search on Amazon for "shinto"
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