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Considering how they were all over the place chronologically in season one, I don't see that they would have any significant problems going back to pick up some of the important stuff they skipped in season four. And yeah, some of this stuff is moderately important if they want to go on to another season, either another 4-5 OVAs or another 13 eps.

It mostly depends on whether they want to completely fixate on the Yumi/Sachiko/Touko thing and just go forward to the end, or if they want to factor in some of the other major stuff that happens as well that isn't related to them. (And there is at least one bombshell remaining that isn't related to the red rose family.)

It's really hard to say if they would have enough material without going back to make a 5th full season or a full OVA run of 5 eps. They would have to leave a lot more stuff in than they did in season 4 if they took that approach. (This is after thinking about how they approached season 4, which was to leave a LOT of stuff on the floor.)

Or if they wanted to, they could just wind the clock back a bit and tackle the Yellow Rose problems. (That is, all of the Yoshino/Nana/Rei stuff that they skipped.) That would give them enough stuff for 2-3 episodes, easily. The Yellow Rose Sigh (Nana and Yoshino's first outing together), The Yellow Rose Date (Yoshino and Chisato, which was funny as hell), and the whole Nana vs. Rei in a Kendo match story. That would set up some important stuff for the last big push that could use a little extra set-up. (But it's not critical.)

Also, they could devote one episode to the White Rose Sigh as well, which has some important backstory for Shimako. (And the first real meeting between Sei and Noriko.) It hints at Shimako's complicated family background. Remember, she's a devout Catholic daughter of a Buddhist temple, and when she was in 6th grade, she had already decided to enter a convent when she grew up, but someone has to inherit the temple... It leaves her very conflicted all the time. They briefly mentioned her brother in season 4, but this story gives you a lot more info about him and her relationship with him.

The White Rose Date (from the scavenger hunt) was interesting, but could probably be skipped. It was a good story, but not great. Shimako always gets the weirdos, is all I'll say about that.

There's a whole Tsutako/Shouko arc (Konno even devoted most of a book to them, IIRC), which they could either put in finally, or leave out. It's a nice story. Shouko is the girl who said she didn't care which bouton picked her in Soeur Audition. That could give you an ep or two.

So that's looking over the stuff they skipped. The major stuff, anyway. There's about 6-8 eps worth of stuff in there, minimum.

Looking ahead, well, I've already covered that in a previous post.

Now, because I mentioned that there was a major bombshell ahead, I will put it in nested spoiler tags. It's somewhat big, but since everyone who reads the books in Japan has known it for 2 years already, I'm not going to play the "Oh, you shouldn't know!" game. Don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled of future events, or read it at your own peril.

Spoiler for Major Spoiler about future events in the books:

That said, the Major Spoiler thing could also be fodder for a *really* good ep or two. Depends on how the producers wanted to handle it.

So yeah, there's a lot of "stuff" out there to work with for a 5th season, but it's all going to depend on how they approach it.
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