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I have to say this, too. I'm not a big yuri fan. I'm not even a big fan of series like this. I just happen to really like this particular series, because I like the way Konno Oyuki writes, and I like the characters she creates. It's really not the sort of thing I'd usually read. It's actually very odd when I think about it, but there you go.
Your words apply equally to me!

Konno Oyuki has written a wonderful series of character studies. The characters are all dear to me, even though I probably wouldn't get along with any of them if I met them in real life -- with the possible exceptions of Sachiko and Shimako (though I'm not Yumi or Noriko, so I wouldn't be able to unlock them, alas).

Any of the Marimite novels on my bookshelf would look more out of place than, well, a shoujo novel on Yoshino's bookshelf!
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