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Why is one piece so amazing? Like really. I don't think any jump manga matches to its quality. I read or still read and liked naruto, bleach, hunter x hunter, shaman king, dragon ball. I don't think i find anything nearly as creative or refreshing as OP.

I personally think that Oda's focus on luffy, and having all eyes on him is more or less logical and consistent with the portrayal in the story. Luffy has almost always been recognized in the story by the old gaurd (Roger Era pirates) as someone with amazing potential. The only people who don't recognize that potential were generally his enemies. He's that genius inspirational kid in a field where few survive the one kid that might go somewhere in a field. Like most shonen archetype those kids are always cocky (chatting to white beard as an equal). It isn't that surprising that their superiors show a certain amount of fight.

I also think luffy isn't at a level where he can be considered total weakling he's defeated 2 of the shichibukai who are also present.

What interests me is the balance of power seems to be fading. It seems like the way the story goes, Ace is likely to be saved. Whitebeard is likely to fall sometime soon. Luffy will be propelled up, and the shichibukai seems like its going to fall apart. 3 of its members are almost outright against WG. (BOA, Black beard, Kuma). Jimbei quit.
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