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Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
Pain is a main character? Cell? Go look at the battles again, so you can understand what I'm talking about. Those heavy hitters got busy IN THEIR ARCS from the gates, While Oda has his sitting there playing RPG.
Pardon me, I though you were making a very bad comparison between Goku, Naruto, and Luffy.

That being said, I don't understand. Whitebeard "got busy" (god that sounds stupid) in his first chapter...or ddi you forget the giant tidal wave that nearly killed everyone? And right after that were constant bearing of claws and ganshing of teeth by several of the big dogs until Oars made a break for Ace and he was promptly butchered (which is what would have happened to Whitebeard or Marco).

So, once again, your complaint is simply fallacious, and for someone that claims to only be "reporting" what happens in any particular chapter, you sure have selective memory as well as a fond appreciation for editing events to fit your pre-exsisting bias...

The war may not be what you wanted (I can't really argue against how you predetermined this war should play out, though I can point out that what you want doesn't matter to the actual story being told (don't you use that line every other post in the Bleach subforum)), but for you to claim that Whitebeard and company haven't been fighting, when literally anyone that looks through these images can see they have been, is simply silly.

Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
And maybe you didn't read this post and purposely ignored it..
How can I not read it, but also purposely ignore it? It's either one or the other, but not both...

"sigh", your line of reasoning for why the current chapters are "bad" is that Whitebeard and company aren't charging forward like Luffy is in this chapter. So, of course, we (myself and several other posters) pointed out the instance where one of Whitebeard's men charges forward.

In the end, you are arguing non-canonical information (Oars placement in the ranks) to prove a non-exsistent point (no-one important is charging forward). We do not know how important or unimportant Oars is to the Whitebeard crew, he could be the 5 or 6th most powerful for all we know. But, even if he was the weakest, it wouldn't matter because your line of argument is centered around any of Whitebeard and his company charging forward. Consequently, you have been proven wrong.

Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
And here it is now the World powers arc...It's time to throw down. Cell Games, Cell went out against Goku right off the bat, the pain invasion arc, Pain got busy immediately. No different in this war, where this is suppose to be the main powers stage who tried to get busy but stopped and decided to take pics of Luffy..fanservice.
Except, Cell and Pain were one character, whereas the Big Dogs in the One Piece universe have thousands of supporting completely different situations...
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