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Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
So you call Whitebeard standing and only throwing out a few attacks fighting?
James you ever play Street fighter vidoe games??
Your comparing a one-on-one 9 minute (at most) battle game with what is supposed to be a 30-50 chapter war and has 100,000 plus participants? No wonder you are not having fun if your attention span is so short that anything over 9 minutes equals instant garbage to you...

Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
I didn't say cannon fodder [Oars] I said Whitebeard and his dang elites charging forth like Luffy. You can't even grasp this.
Why is Oars cannon fodder? Because he was defeated by 3 Shichibukai ? I'm sorry, you're just making shit up to validate your pre-existing opinion. Again, for all we know Oars was 5th or 6th strongest member of Whitebeard's crew, he simply wasn't given a position of authority due to his recklessness. Oars role in the story was to show just why Whitebeard and Marco can't just charge onto the execution platform. Sadly enough, you are too interested in the "OMG! It Blowed Up Real Good!" superfical power display to actually care to look any deeper...which shouldn't be that surprising considering that you use Goku as your avatar...

Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
No, it's not cause cannon fodder is for cannon fodder and big names are for big names. Oda just has his big names standing and pumping Luffy up.
Spoiler for DBZ and Naruto spoilers...:

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