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Not sure, I'm just reiterating what's written. Tatsuya did say that of the magicians in the world, 4/5th of them can only work with what already exists (Tatsuya is technically in this group). These magicians usually work with CADs and other basic support work. The other 1/5th are magicians who can create new things. The likes of Mayumi is able to shoot out accurate and strong pysons. Jumonji is able to create an barrier. Miyuki is able to create an Inferno. Honoka is able to create light.
Hmm...I thought it was said that Miyuki's ability was explained due to her magic working at the microscopic level, that she froze things by basically stopping the motion of electrons and atoms as a whole...
I'm really thinking of another series, aren't I
Which reminds me as of the latest web arc, do you know which year is Tatsuya currently in
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