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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
Teleportation should be a really hax ability. The user can just pop out of nowhere and assassinate the target. And if he can teleport other things too then he can just teleport an activated a-bomb to anywhere he wants.

I think most of us if not everyone comes to this thread for the sake of spoiler, not really discussion. I don't really think spoiler tag is needed, it's just for the sake of not getting bashed at or mod.
Well, we're talking about an "if" situation. There could be some restrictions to the teleportation ability, like maximum distance or how much he could teleport or something.

And yes, the user could be a world-class assassin, but hey, isn't war-class magicians are all like that? Heck, even combat class could destroy a platoon. They could do more than a mere assassination.

It's true though. Most if not all of us came here to read some spoilers so probably all us already know about the spoilers that are already out. It's just a proper manner to use it, spoiler tag that is.
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