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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
At this point, I'd say it'll be a shame to miss AFA's Malaysian debut at such prices. Plus I haven't been in Kuala Lumpur for six to eight years. So yes, I'll go.

But I don't know about Sunday night (June 10), as that would depend on how busy I get around that time (Monday is a work day, after all). Much as I like the idea of car-pooling, I don't think it'll work on my schedule.
The way I see it, if you really need to get in on Monday, you can a) miss the Sunday night concert, and head home in the evening, b) go back after the concert, which judging by the Sg AFA would be around 11+, reach sg in 4-5 hours (take it slow at night) and rest at home, c) if you're not the driver, see if there's any late night buses from KL to Sg, but don't expect the buses to go fast, might be a 5-6 hr journey, then mrt/bus back from from where ever they drop you off from...

Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
If you are going there to see or join the rally, please allow me to design a cosplay costume for you so you can dress for the event.

Not sure. If both of you are driving, Cosmic Eagle and his fellow kids may be tagging along with us working adults.

We'll go by your schedule then. I need to be in office on Monday too. Doesn't matter if I go in at noon since I can always work until the last train home.
I can take leave on Monday, since I've already given the office notice... On the logistic side, my car can comfortably take 3 passengers (and for 4 hour car journey you do want to be comfortable), I would prefer leaving sg via the 2nd link on Sat morning (6am-ish), we can have breakfast at one of the rest stops, leaving from KL, Monday morning would be preferred, since we can park the car and leave our luggage in the hotel on Sunday night. Alternatively we can check if the hotel is willing to hold our stuff for us of we want to come back on the same night (fatigue issues)
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