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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
One question : what about the hotel?
What's your budget?

Again going by this list again, the closest is this hotel, being next door to the place, at 5 stars and S$147 not inc tax, it would be like doubling the cost of the event, but it is close and we would be comfortable... scratch that, this hotel does not have free internet access, no way I'm going here
Further down the list is this hotel, 0.2km away (5 min walk), 3 stars down and S$40 cheaper at S$105 for 2 nights.
Lastly is this one, 2 stars as well, described as a new hotel with no reviews and '10 mins walk' away from the WTC. Cheapest at S$52
Since no 1 is out, this hotel, is 0.5km away and 3 stars, but seems to have some bad reviews...

If you got any views just throw them up...
Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
P.S I see Makube coming onto this thread every now and then. He seems to be interested but is being kuudere and not posting.
Don't we usually call that lurking?

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