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'Mountain breaker' packet is heat diffusion cannon, turning compressed air into visible gas/plasma/whatever. It's main purpose is to make rapid fire mode more powerful, it also added another pair of cannon (making 4 in total)

I imagine actual radiation/heat weapon is forbidden, though not very sure about laser. (It's used in both ST and TLR Stratos)

EDIT: Well, Proioxis (sp?) from Athena series, and it's predecessor Minerva Custom can use heat based weaponry, and most, if not all the technology is derived from first generation I.S., do note that this very unit is designed by anti I.S. organization so rules may not apply.

EDIT2: Since it's always stated that energy weapon, energy barrier and thruster DO drain I.S. battery (though at slower rate rate than Absolute defense), does this mean that the solid state weapon such as guns and missiles also have limited ammo?
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