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I dunno

Basically anything that can hurt/torture the pilot directly in battle is banned. In my personal interpretation (which mean not necessarily fit canon), it's along the line of "Radioactive, electric surge, chemical, and biological weapon".

Note that Radioactive there also cover for gamma/X-ray projector and neutron cannon/bomb. While plasma-coated blunt weapon is basically a gigantic taser in nature, they are exempted because it's simply unable to torture pilot. (it'll be lethal by default by sheer kinetic energy alone)

EDIT: Though I prefer the idea about blunt weapons are anti-beam coated, which works wondrously against normal barrier, though not as much as beam saber or plasma weapon.

I'm still conflicted about including heat-based weapon in the ban list, since laser is practically just that.

There are more weapon that is tournament-legal yet can be used for torture (such as Rin's air cannon or Laura's cable launcher), which leaves things to pilot's ethic as well.


As for 'unlimited ammo' thing, the only things implied about is that energy-to-matter conversion is one way trip. It took more than single day to repair damaged I.S. that lose it's parts, which mean it'll took some time to fill the magazines (Probably more than 10 minutes with the I.S. shut down). This means that while technically they can generate ammo indefinitely, doing so will took quite a time (especially if your I.S. is active) and I.S. practically still carries limited ammo per battle. I can see the usage of spare magazine except for internally-loaded weapon such as Shotgun or missile launcher.
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