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Which is weird, once you think about it. Alex Mercer can survive a megaton range nuke but not a few airstrikes? And his weight is variable, so he can somehow break the conservation of mass?

Also, since Mercer could somehow survive as a puddle of biomass, is it logical to assume that every single viral cell of a prototype can regenerate back onto its original form?

Biomass is weird. It seems to run entirely out of Narravitium. There doesn't seem to be any concrete laws that govern the use of biomass aside from 'since the story needs to progress, biomass needs to do this'.

It's just that I want to at least incorporate the conservation of mass in my story.

Also, how would you think a battle between an IS and a Prototype would go? Under what conditions would the IS win, and under what conditions would the Prototype win?
IS should generally win unless they can't fly. Alex doesn't have a lot of long range attacks to hit long range IS with and close range IS are capable of reaching more then 300 mph and the advanced one's are supersonic. IS can also fly. Alex's speed is a his biggest weak point as he is only around 100 mph (judging from how fast he overtakes around 60 mph cars) making close range a matter of hit and run and against a flying IS he can't reach them.

Of course Alex can easily surprise a IS pilot with his more exotic ablities but he will lose for sure if a IS pilot is aware of his ablities. For example a short range combat IS pilot will be surprised if bunch of sharp tentacles suddenly came out of Alex's body in all directions. Similarly if a long range pilot mistakes Alex for only having close range super strength then Alex can suddenly bust out a long range attack. Alex can also play dead if it really comes down to it if the pilot leaves him for dead due to unawareness of Alex's regeneration ablity. Alex turning into a pilot's love ones to surprise them or attack them mentally is also effective method.

Basically the IS has the advantage. However Alex can win if he plays it very smart and only busts out his big moves when he's sure they can land.
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