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I don't have Diablo 3 myself, but out of the 6 people I know who have, and talked to, three have had their accounts compromised. Two work in high level IT and I'd trust to keep their computers very secure. While it is a very small sample size, even a 10% rate of "my account's been hacked!" sounds like it should be outside the realm of probability.

Also regarding the authenticator issue - I've been told that the smartphone-based authenticators don't work against this "Diablo 3 hacking" issue. It's only the physical kinds you can buy that work.

About rollbacks as well - my friend has reported that a user is only allowed two rollbacks in an account's lifetime. Basically, if it happened to you once, pray it doesn't happen twice again.

EDIT: Duo - Apparently passwords are valid whether you use capitals or not. Perhaps has a cipher which converts all characters to either upper or lower case.
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