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Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
Blind > Sanctuary and another tip wear a shield.

I'm this close to soloing Belial (already killed him with friends) I keep dying in the third phase which is stupid because the third phase is the easiest (the only tactic is don't stand in the green stuff)
I like Sanctuary in Act 1, since there's oh so many doorways that I can block away with it.
Easy to halt packs of knockback elites by kiting them to a narrow chokepoint.

In act 2, there's much less areas like that, so I'll be switching of course.

Shield is great for upping Armor as well as giving block %, but I don't have a high enough DPS 1-hander to compensate.
Once I get one of those 800+ DPS weapon, I may switch to using a shield.
Or, I could compensate by stacking more armor and resist.
I'm aiming for 800 resist and 8000 armor or so for Act 2.

Act 3 is... another story. Most monks are struggling in Act 3, and I don't plan to advance in it anytime soon.
Once I beat Act 2, I'll probably set my monk aside for a while.
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