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Originally Posted by Squarecrow View Post
I don't know. Let someone else use your computer? Got hit by malware on a trusted site that's usually safe? Used public Wi-Fi?

Are you saying that Blizzard's server was compromised at this time? Any news articles at the time of your compromise?
Nobody else ever uses my computer, malware scans from three different scanners showed nothing and I didn't use public wifi. Were there any news articles? No, not as far as I'm aware, but that doesn't say much.

The point is, I did nothing that would make this hacking "my fault" yet I still got hacked. And the funny thing? I never got hacked on anything other than my blizzard account. Even my bank and paypal accounts were safe. Only my blizzard account has been hacked.

Let me put that in perspective: A hacker managed to get into my game account, but left my banking accounts alone. This leaves us two options:

1: If my computer was what was compromised, apparently my bank accounts have appropriate security measures in place to fend of the kind of attacks made. Which means blizzard's security is worse.

2: The account was compromised on blizzard's side, explaining why my bank accounts were untouched.

Either way, blizzard's security is flawed.
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