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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
^Oh lordy, please don't start yet another pointless debate now.

Anyways, to go somewhat back on topic, while I made a little joke about it earlier, I have my doubts about Momo becoming a new member. While it does seem that he has some slight potential (he apparently stowed away on the ship with the kidnapped kids, ate a fruit whose powers even he doesn't know how to control yet, and most importantly, befriended Luffy), it's still too early to be certain of him being a Straw-Hat. Plus, he can apparently fly, which goes against what Oda said in the past about how he'd never add a new member who could fly (unless he's actually gliding, not flying). But just as with his father, I am really interested in checking out the full scope of his powers, whether he's a new member or not.....
But isn't Oda already breaking that promise in a sneaky way with Brook's soul?

But I don't think Momo would be part of a crew, though other than Franky, Chopper, and Robin, I've be more wrong than right with crew prediction since GL started.

Oh, and looks like we got a Chuun-patient here, call the doctors...
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