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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
In shounen manga, it's pretty easy to detect who the strongest characters are, and One Piece is no exception despite its eccentricity in some aspects. Pre-time-skip, at least, Whitebeard was labelled and renowned as the "World's Strongest Man", so by default Doflamingo would have to be weaker than him and thus not able to beat him without even seeing his true capabilities. Case-in-point, not everything has to be spelled out/purely shown for us readers to understand/deduce certain things.
You're absolute correct on the point where you stated that "not everything has to be pointed out." But labels like Yonkou and World's Strongest Man, doesn't necessarily mean everything. White Beard was old and Dying, so what we saw at Marineford was not his strongest feat since he wasn't in his prime. But like I said, we have no idea what Donflamingo is really capable of. I'm not saying we need visual proof or anything like that. But I'm still willing to believe that he could definitely hold his own to any yonkou. Then again, I'm not doubting the strength of old WB or Shanks, so I don't want anyone assuming that I mean that DF could beat Shanks or anything like that.
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