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"Strongest" was a title given to Whitebeard because he was "equal" to Roger. I don't feel any need to debate whether or not Whitebeard was the strongest character alive (when he died), but the I will say that the title is now meaningless. "Strongest" is only a title that has any meaning when compared against someone or something else. Since there is currently nothing to be compared, there is no title for "Strongest" anymore.

That being said, I am sure others will emerge that will be as strong as Whitebeard.
The comparisons can be made amongst the characters that are currently living. That's how it works; it's all relative to the times/era. If the world acknowledges someone as the strongest, and there's no one to contest that title to prove otherwise, then that person will irrefutably be declared as such. That being said, the title of "strongest" is still up for grabs.

Of course, it's also noteworthy to consider there are some who don't wish to pursue the title of strongest but are extremely powerful in their own right. Rayleigh is a perfect example of this. He's gone into retirement and has been inactive for the past 22 years, yet he showed he's able to take on an admiral just fine. So it can be difficult to determine exactly/definitively who the true "strongest" is. All we know is there are a select few who are eligible of being bestowed that title.
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