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"Fun" is exactly the word I was going to use. Some bits had me laughing out loud. And I loved the seiyuus' work: Takahashi Mikako, Kimura Akiko, Chiba Saeko, Noto Mamiko, Ono Daisuke, Shimizu Ai, Inokuchi Yuka. Great line-up, given a lot of opportunity to show themselves in absurd comedy.

This and Suzumiya Haruhi are the only two shows in the past year that have had some bits that felt to me like the great absurd humor of Ichigo Mashimaro. This one also has some Dokuro-chan. As well as two seiyuus from Ichigo Mashimaro (Noto Mamiko and Chiba Saeko). And I enjoyed Takahashi Mikako in such a different role, and as the star. The role I most associate her with is Yamada Ayu in Honey & Clover. Her tsun side here is like Ayu's tsuntsun moments on steroids.

The basic setup seemed fresh and intriguing. And I thought the fanservice was extremely well-done: strong, appropriate, and hilarious. As eggplant said, though, now some plot begins. We'll see how well things go from here.

EDIT: I like TLChan's blog on this show.
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