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The subtle humor of this anime will probably difficult to understand for non-Japanese. To me, it made me chuckle with "ah, yes yes, that's so true~ wwww" since the talk about yakitori & yakiniku are part of my own daily life.

As for this being KyoAni - if one knows their other works that they did as secondary genga studios, this is on par with them (i.e.: Crayon Shinchan, etc.)

The OP was once again, fantastic; the cheerleading sequence made me smile. However, as a fan of old anime and tokusatsu SFX, I actually loved the simple karaoke ED of Konata singing Kyodain. gizawarasu~ wwww

Also, as I have read through this thread, people are mistaken on their usage of "sakuga." Sakuga is not an adjective, it is a noun. Hence, using it in the term of "sakuga quality" is incorrect. If you want to state how good that sakuga is, it needs to be used with an adjective in front of it:

x sakuga quality (sakuga is not an adjective)
o great sakuga quality (adjective: great)
o piss-poor sakuga quality (adjective: piss-poor)
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