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Originally Posted by Sai the Dreamer View Post
It's important to remember that we still have 4 main characters (and multiple side-characters) to become acquainted with. They might be able to get away with it in the case of Fumoffu?/TSR, as those had an entire 24-episode series before, but for Lucky Star, nobody really knows anything about what's going to unfold, and we need some insight into the characters' personalities.

What I'm trying to say is, pay close attention. AIR's first episode was introductions. Kanon's first episode was introductions. Haruhi's first episode was also introductions - although in a far more... "unique" way.

You shouldn't expect gut-bustingly funny humour from the first episode, because even if it is a 4koma, the series would be far less enjoyable if we didn't get to know the characters first. That's the general purpose first episodes serve, and probably why there was no ED either.

In any case, the OP's addictive.
When dealing with 4Koma the characters personalities usually aren't as important as setting up the punchline. Usually their reactions can be altered slightly from the norm in a case where its necessary for the punchline to have its intended effect. I don't really know if anybody will have stable set personalities so I would expect them to flucuate around a certain area for each character.

@7th: The people here are very very down to earth compared what you find on the blogs, read my post on the RC Blog just above this post to get an idea on how other people find reasons why Kyoto Animation always wins the anime competition. Ignore them, their reasoning makes no sense. I learned too. Just pay attention to people like Vexx, Ascaloth, Wanderingknight, Skane, Kaoru Chuujo, and most of the other people here (W-General aside I suppose, as he's probably in Banzai mode as we speak), as they will never lie to you or to themselves like people who comment on blogs and 2/4Chan. I think I'm going to enjoy this show, but I'm definitely no huge fan of Kyoto Animations past works.

@Sai: No. I just like to make fun of blog posts that are EXTREME and TO THE MAX when dealing with peoples favourite studios. Read any blog where Kyoto Animation or Aya Hirano is even mentioned and you'll see the same thing. It's like a concert really, you have your blogger giving the performance and showing the goods and then you have a mosh pit of sorts in the comments.

Holy crap she beat the crap out of Guile (Foreigner) now that I look. Anyone want to check out my new Urban Dictionary definition I think it applies here too.

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