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Originally Posted by Turtleen View Post
I'm pretty certain Maria's supposed to look creepy in that picture anyway so the shading doesn't bother me. She has this "Beatrice is so going to kill you" look.

And why is George left out of all these Ushiromiya cousin pictures? XD

I finished my Beatrice cosplay and wore it to Anime North a couple weeks ago, 5 people told me they like Umineko, so there was guaranteed 6 people who know/like Umineko at a con with 16,000 attendees! XD
Spoiler for space:
Nice Cosplay!

You were at AN? I didn't see you there! Oh well...I would have joined your group for a bit of a chat. (umineko ftw)

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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