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Originally Posted by Turtleen View Post
XD You're planning to make the witches too?

I have LambdaDelta, Natsuhi and Virgilia done now, but no pictures other than semi-completed which I have on DA and but don't feel like bringing up xD
My friends agreed to be my dolls for an Umineko photoshoot in August. I'm making about 15 cosplays for it xD Plus more that I didn't have enough people to wear which I'll be wearing to cons and such later. I'll post pictures whenever I finish a cosplay I guess, and then later of the photoshoot. I've found a historical site that's open to the public which looks a lot like the Rokkenjima settings
Yup. My goal is to do all the Umineko characters I possibly can. XD I love it so much.
I showed my friend your Lambdy and Natsuhi costume and she loved them! She'd already seen you're beato one before.
I'm trying to organise a Umineko group too, I've currently got a Beato, Battler, Virgilia, Maria, Shannon and Gaap. XDD
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