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My first FF experience was with FF II (IV JP), I remember watching my brother play when I was a wee little kid and thinking, "That game is so cool! it's just like a movie!"

I've played all of them, even the Japanese versions of II and III on the nes on rom before they ever get remade on PS. Before moe anime there was only FF ... .

As for my favorite FF, I have two answers to this, VI I had the most fun with, it was the coolest and most addicting. FF VII was the more artistic one, and probably my most favorite one, but my feelings about VII are mixed, the first disc is probably the best gaming experience I ever had, but I feel the 2nd and 3rd discs have a drop-off in attention to detail towards the story. FF VII was life, it wasn't just fun, it was angsty, every character had a sad story to tell, the story was sad and frustrating, but in that way it was amazing, no other game told such a complex storyline with such a wide array of emotions at the time.

The actual game was kind of easy though, I never had to spend time leveling, and I never felt the greed for wanting better gear, gil never felt like it had a value, and only being able to use a weapon (Which everyone had their unique versions of and never shared.) and a bracelet, felt like there were no gear choices to be made. FF VI had great itemization, the story and music, the bosses and the gearing up had a unique flavor to it that just made it so much fun.

Come to think of it, I miss having to make the choices about gearing up in the NES and SNES versions of the game, but I don't mind the more (emo) storylines. I love a good storyline, even though I feel like they've sort of dropped the ball in this aspect in recent years. When I think of FF, it has always been a pioneer in graphics, music and storyline IMO, nowadays, it is just a pioneer in graphics, sadly. As far as music and storyline I think Anime and VNs are superior... but that's another topic.

To get back to the topic, my favorite FF would have to be VII just because of the storyline and characters being so modern, FF VII breathed life and emotion into the characters while telling a wild plot. I think FF VI was the better game though, it was more polished, fun, and possibly more satisfying in that I have absolutely no complaints about it, it was just the more complete game.
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