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Originally Posted by Kiba_Portugal View Post
Here's the tracklist:

01. kidou roku ka taichou aisatsu
02. shitsumon otayori corner 1 (with Fate)
03. shitsumon otayori corner 2 (with Hayate & Nanoha)
04. shitsumon otayori corner 3 anohito haima
05. owakare no goaisatsu
06. shuuroku owari no taichoutachi
07. SF daigo 5 studio
08. Anata ni Message -Kodomodacchi ano keikara-
09. Anata ni Message -Arekara 10 jyu-
10. Anata ni Message -Egao to Yuuki, anata to motto-

I don't have the translation to english.

I have all Nagumo's Sound Stage translation save in Microsoft Word, I'm going to make a .rar and upload it to MegaUpload.
Here is the link:
Thanks for the tracklist and the new MS Word translation.

Not sure if its ok to ask this here... can anyone post Nanoha(series or character) fansites? Tnx
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