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Originally Posted by ShiniIllumi View Post
Was there ever an OST for A's or a second one for Strikers? There is a lot of background music I'd like to get ahold of, and I've never seen anything past Vol 1 for Strikers, and the odd song here or there for A's.

T_T there are 2 songs I've sorta been dying to find. One is when Vita squares off against the Cradle Engine and Hayate saves her. The second is when Nanoha & Fate change after they received Raising Heart Excelion and Bardiche Assault.
Yes there are. The OST for A's was divided into 6 CDs that came with each limited edition DVD. The OST for StrikerS was divided into three CDs that came with DVD volumes 1, 5 and 9, so you have the first part.
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