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Sawako had so many chances to give the chocolates to Kazehaya, I feel so bad for him. That must be such a huge slap in the face to see that everyone else got chocolates except for him, and he thought he was one of the most important people to her, it's only natural after everything that's happened between them. Wtf, Sawako. I mean, I do understand she's still socially awkward and has troubles gathering her courage, but damn man, the chances were right in her face, and she wasted time doing all these monologues when she could've given the chocolates to him, because the chocolates meant so much to both of them.
I don't dislike her exactly but sometimes she makes me rage. Ffff. Well, she can't regret it, because like said before, she brought it upon herself.
I'm in the minority with Kurumi > Sawako. Even if it's not the best way, she's always trying to push Sawako onwards, but to me. Sawako just doesn't budge.


I loved seeing Ayane and Chizu and Ruu and Pin back, though, aaah, and the flashbacks with Kazehaya when he was little with Pin were adorable <3
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