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Well, Feyris' dad's death is tied to the Millenium Bug but another significant event, SERN completing the time machine, occurs. This later significant event alters the past and so Feyris' dad's death is no longer completely determined by the Millenium Bug event. That's why Feyris was able to change his fate using a D-Mail.

In Kurisu's case, her life and death is important but it isn't the big significant event. Her death is actually tied to the survival of the time travel documents.

To save her, Okabe had to do two things.

First, trick himself and Nakabachi into thinking Kurisu was dead. This would have just temporarily saved Kurisu and she would have ended up dying in other ways like Mayuri but, this is crucial so that Okabe ends up having the strong will to help complete the time machine and in turn, allow him to carry this and the next step out.

The next step was to make sure the time travel documents were burned so that they are never exposed to the world - the significant event Kurisu's death is tied to. By making sure the documents were burned, she is saved for certain in the new "Steins Gate" timeline.

You could probably think of it this way - each significant event are the ripples caused by throwing a stone into the water and things that happen to people are the results of these ripples. Each wave can push, say a leave, further out.

When a second set of ripples is made, the waves interact with the last set so they alter how objects were supposed to have been affected previously.

And quick correction to Ruka's future with Okabe now that I can look back at the book... Dystopia occurs but that doesn't mean it's an unhappy future. When Okabe decided to abandon saving Mayuri, he also gave up on the development of the time machine and therefore, was no longer under the surveillance of SERN or considered a threat. He still dies in 2025 for one reason or another because, his death is still tied to the event when SERN completes the time machine thanks to their research progress.
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