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Originally Posted by Kuroi Hadou View Post
I thnk the second opening was the best one so far, but I like the visuals of the third opening the best; it not giving away too much was a plus for me. After having to put up with Fairy Tail's openings... trust me, you start to appreciate openings that set the tone and not the events two arcs ahead of the current one.
Yeah FT openings spoil way too much especially if you haven't read the manga. You can pretty much get the gist of the arc just by viewing the opening. xD

I love all the AGE openings, but I loved the second opening the best although it took a while to get used to the song. Now I'm addicted to it and miss seeing it.

Oh and I just found this and its better than the original 1st ending. Don't remember if it was played in the anime or not or it was just on the soundtrack only.


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