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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
Since time in Accel World runs 1000x faster than in real life, so that 1 second in AW = 16m 40s in real life, one can simply enter the UNF at a high enough level and then train himself in physical combat there, for as long as he wants to.

That said, this feature can become very useful for Haru to train physically (so that when he comes back in Real Life, he's now a fat guy endowed with the reflexes of a karate master) or for Taku to become a weapons master (spear and sword) in Real Life (given that he doesn't use BB to cheat in Kendo tournaments anymore).
The UNF can be used to gain lots of combat experience, but becoming a master is different from becoming a veteran.

A master is someone who has either scientifically studied how to turn a form of combat into an efficient art, or someone who has studied the teachings of such a master. It's easier to stand on the shoulders of giants.

There's also the problem that, even if one can create new muscle-memories in the Accelerated World, those memories might have been created for a completely different body-type (as with Silver Crow and Haruyuki), and the physical body hasn't become any more fit or flexible than it was before.

After 10 virtual years of Brain Bursting, Haru might become a little more likely to pull of a spinning roundhouse kick in real life, but he's still liable to pull up short on overtight tendons, misjudge the height and angle of his kick, and fall on his butt because of a radically different center of gravity.

We should really take this discussion further in something like a "Duel Avatar Abilities and Techniques thread".
Maybe such a thread could be used to speculate on the kinds of abilities a Level 1 starting Purple or Yellow avatar might be generated with.

Or which abilities ought to spend SP without actually being Special Moves, like Silver Crow's wings and Ash Roller's Wall Ride.
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