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Shelving Blue Knight's reasons for sparing Cyan Pile's virtual life, what about the reasons why Cyan Pile was considered "promising"?

I get this sense that most of the Blue Legion actually have Blue avatars and are kendoka in real life. Since kendoka would tend to produce Blue avatars, and since they would also tend to recruit other kendoka in their Legion's area. Taku's own "parent" was his kendo captain, likely at a school in Leonid territory.

Cobalt Blade and Manganese Blade, the twin sisters who serve Blue Knight, are actually Metal colors. They just happen to be bluish metals, just as copper is reddish and gold is yellowish. But they're avatars also wield swords and bear samurai-esque armor, which hints at practicing kendo.

No doubt, Burst Linkers of other colors could exist in Leonid territory, and might even be part of the Legion. But Blue colors would be more respected, and invited to serve as Vanquish's honorguard.

Even if we think that he should have been a bit on the purplish side, Cyan Pile is a color very near to pure Blue, which automatically gets the Legion's attention.

The other side of "promising" would be having talent. The Accelerated World does a lot to equalize players by eliminating many physical advantages, but most mental advantages still remain.

Actual skill with kendo, tactical and strategic intelligence, a competitive edge and ambition, an agreeable and reasonably obedient attitude...

But for some reason, Takumu was either burning through Burst Points faster than other Blue Legionaires, or wasn't able to acquire points fast enough to offset the expenses. That is to say, either Takumu was using Acceleration more than his compatriots, or he was less successful at winning fights and group-hunting Enemies.

Being low on BP because of a really bad losing streak would make sense as a reason why he lost the respect of the Blue Legion. He can't be a very good honorguard if he's a poor fighter who can't seem to make up for his shortcomings.

But Taku doesn't imply anything like that happened, and aside from one fight where he was psychologically at his worst (against Haruyuki), he's fought well and smart, giving as good or better than he gets. I also think he phrases the problem as "spending a few too many points".

So it goes right back to this idea that no one else in the highest ranks of the Leonids were burning through points as fast. Maybe they generally, as a group, don't rely on Acceleration for sports and tests?

Except the highest ranking avatars are probably Level 6 or so, and the stronger one becomes, the easier it becomes to farm enemies for BP. Even if you can't do it alone, other players are probably more eager to accept a higher level player's invitation to go hunting. So maybe Taku's superiors were being biased?
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