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Originally Posted by RegalStar View Post
Yes, yes... another year of consecutive losses for Holo is in order.

(There are actually people on Chinese forums that would not vote their favourites because of this reason )

Also, two of Nova 9's contestants are the finalists of 2011 KBM. How will their match turn out this time, in a different battlefield?
Please, don't bring up that idea... while it may come to pass, I don't want to face the reality until it does happen IF it does.

Really?!?!?! Granted, I understand a lot of the political issues of the region, but that would be like me refusing to vote for the girls I want to win because a very liberal person liked them also... or for any number of other reasons... bad logic... the girls of the ISML should not be punished for non-ISML reasons.


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