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Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
You mean touchy scientist who got transported to the Covenant. I said Spartan, not a Scientist. Unless you mean Halsey, she is also not a Spartan.
You confuse me more then i confuse you.

Lets make it straight; no one ever received a PoW medal because covies dont take prisoners. The touchy UNSC scientist might be the first one ever received, becauae they took him prisoner. You dont have to be Spartan to get a medal IMO.

And i never mentioned Halsey as Spartan. FYI; i know all too well who Halsey is.

Hope that clears a bit.
But on the other side... Cpt. Keyes and his man where hold prisoner on CE, Chief was prisoner on Uprising (check on wikia) and Johnson was taken prisoner in 3.
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